LotWorks. Vertical planning of pipeline

Editing of pipeline in the vertical plane

LotWorks 2012 allows to carry out vertical planning of pipelines in profile drawings in the interactive mode. Thanks to that, one is able to find and calculate the optimal way of laying the pipeline.

The vertical planning of the pipeline is carried out in the profile drawings taking into account lowering/penetration limits and minimum allowable distances to existing communications. Pipe bend/offtake, insertion or elastic bending radius are selected automatically. Pipe bends, insertions are selected from the incorporated base of insertions. For steel pipes, the base contains “return bends of 3D (R 1.5 DN)” in compliance with GOST 17375-2001. For polyethylene pipelines, the base contains products of various manufacturers produced according to various GOST and TU. Users can replenish the insertions base.

The pipeline geometry in the vertical plane can be specified both graphically in the drawing or in a special table, the route editor. The route editor is dynamically connected with the pipeline in the drawing and all the alterations in the editor are automatically reflected in the drawing and vice versa.

Aboveground pipeline laying

Lotworks 2012 allows to design aboveground pipelines. Special tools are used to draw supports in the plan and profile, number the supports, include information on supports in the table and display information on all supports in the design. An important specificity of supports is that one can edit them with the use of standard AutoCAD commands: COPY, PASTE, MOVE. When a support is moved along the route, the application automatically recalculates the stationing of the support and makes alterations to the pipeline information model. Properties of supports can be selected from a catalogue. The delivery set includes a catalogue of supports in accordance with GOST 14911-82 and OCT 36-146-88. The catalogue can be edited and replenished. The application includes a basement template for aboveground laying with installed sections and their settings. You can alter graphic properties of the text in the basement, composition and sequence of sections.

Calculation of strength of pipelines

The possibility to export the designed pipeline network or its part at any moment to a special application for calculation of strength (START, AutoPipe, SRIRE, etc.) allows to calculate in a short time several laying variants and select the best one. The following data can be exported: geometry of the pipeline and pipe bends, diameter, wall thickness, insulation, pressure and laying depth. For underground pipelines, the network is exported with soil information. For aboveground pipelines, the network is exported with supports, and reverse import of supports is possible. In this way, it is possible to calculate the position of supports and compensators in START and to transport this information automatically to the profile. Strength of polyethylene pipelines in accordance to SP 42-103-2003 Paragraph 5.45 can be tested by means of electronic tables.

Drawing tools

All the information on the designed network is kept in the design base. All drawings and sectional views are created on the basis of information of the design base. Arrangement tools allow to adjust the type of drawings in accordance with the requirements of normative documents or the Customer. For example, one can set up the number, sequence, graphic properties and rounding for each part of the basement table or format of information notes for the pipeline corner angles. The delivery set includes basement settings according to GOST 21.610-85.

Work scope list, specification

The amount of soil specifying various categories thereof, work scope list, specification, other documents can be generated quickly and at any moment on the basis of the network information model kept in the design base. This allows to save hours of routine work and exclude mistakes which are inevitable in the process of manual preparation of these labour-intensive documents. Special adjustable templates allow to create documents of the format and view required by the customer. LotWorks 2012 generates specifications in MS Excel files according to GOST 21.110-95. Quick generation of documents will be of invaluable assistance in cases when alterations have to be made to the design at the final stages of the work.