Reports and specifications

Three-dimensional presentation of pipelines

Project ViK2011 selects items with the use of the digital pipeline model. The selected items can be viewed by means of the command of three-dimensional pipeline presentation. The three-dimensional pipeline presentation allows to view each pipe, pipe bend and other items constituting the pipeline. In addition to the pipeline components, the three-dimensional presentation will display wells and their components and intersections with the existing communications.

ProjectViK2011 provides tools for editing of the three-dimensional model and creation of three-dimensional images of the pipeline reinforcement. Reinforcement blocks are inserted by means of the arrangement function where the application helps to select suitable items from the catalogue and automatically sets orientation of the block in the drawing space.

Reports and specifications

The pipeline components, which are displayed in the three-dimensional model, can be presented in a report, the items specification. ProjectVik2011 allows to set a format for presentation of each item in the specification.

ProjectViK2011 uses pipeline lowering data to automatically form reports on the cubic capacity of trenches and foundation pits.

Using the data of the digital pipeline model, ProjectVik2011 forms reports on pipelines, encasements, wells, characteristic points and intersections. All the reports are formed in Microsoft Excel.