Detailed drafting and table of manholes. Sectional views

ProjectVik2011 allows selection of sewer manholes according to standard designs. Data from the digital network model are used to select a model mark of the manhole and its items. The information about the selected well is included in DPNM and can be used in various commands. The application envisages the use of round and rectangular manholes of the general and rainwater sewerage.

Diagram and sectional views of the manholes

To select sewer manholes it is necessary to use commands of creation of schemes of the manholes. To create the schemes, one can use a filter allowing to sort and group the manholes according to their type, number or pipeline networks.

One can use the command of insertion of hydraulic hitch in the diagram to mark the pipe which enables the hitch by means of a T-piece.

After the creation of the manholes’ schemes, it is possible to create sectional views by specifying the section line in the scheme. The application will display in the section the items to be later included in the table of manholes. In addition to ordinary, composite and solid manholes, the application can create sectional views of manholes with hydraulic hitches, drop manholes with a cleaving wall and plastic manholes.

Tables of manholes

Manholes selected by the application according to the catalogues of standard designs can be displayed in the table of manholes. For each type of manholes, the application inserts in the drawing a separate table in the format specified in the templates. The table displays calculated bulk of concrete for the trough part of the manhole.

Catalogue of manholes and settings

ProjectVik2011 displays the catalogue of manholes as a table and provides tools for editing thereof. The process of selection of manholes involves many settings allowing to consider various regional requirements regarding the selection of manholes.

Sectional views

ProjectVik2011 allows to create sectional views of the pipeline network trench. The sectional view of the trench is formed automatically for the pipeline network in the specified point. The sectional views of the trench display pipes, soils, sizes and slopes of the trench necessary for the arrangement.