Specificities of sewerage designing

Designing of sewages is carried out in compliance with the requirements of “СНиП 2.04.03-85”.

Arrangement of pipeline networks in the plan

ProjectVik2011 offers a wide set of settings for pipeline networks in the plan drawing as well as information notes to arrange the network. Lettering in the drawing is carried out with the use of a template which is specified in the settings and formed according to the object’s properties.

Placement of manholes

ProjectVik2011 allows automated placement of control manholes for sewage system. The manholes are placed at a certain distance depending on the pipe diameter at the points of turning and connection of the system.

Automatic laying of pipeline in the profile

ProjectVik2011 offers a command of automatic laying of gravity pipeline at a set depth and slope. The application also takes into account the position of the crossed communications. A wide range of settings for automatic laying is provided including minimal and maximal lowering of the pipe, interdependences between the pipe slope and diameter. During the pipe laying, the application automatically determines the lowering of the wells according to the normative documents.

Pipeline editing commands

ProjectVik2011 provides a set of tools for editing the positions of the pipe and wells. The pipe and wells are represented at the profile by special custom entities. Their properties can be viewed and edited by means of the AutoCAD palette of properties.

In addition to the palette, ProjectVik2011 allows to use special commands to set the depth, mark for a point of the pipeline or a slope for the section. Of the biggest interest is the command for alignment of the pipeline sections according to a template. The command allows to set necessary lowering and slope for the whole pipeline in the profile.

For alignment of the network segments, the axes of alignment is set according to arch crowns, the center or bottom of the pipe.


During designing of gravity pipelines with complicated terrain conditions, one can create pipeline drops in the manholes. Such manholes are defined by the application as drop manholes.

To create a drop, one should simply move a pipeline segment to the necessary level without linking it to the neighboring segment.