Specificities of water supply designing

Water pipelines are designed in compliance with the requirements of “СНиП 2.04.02-84”.

Aboveground pipeline laying

ProjectVik2011 offers a number of special functions allowing to design pipelines. The commands of the application allow to design aboveground pipeline sections and to place fixed supports in the plan.

Automatic pipeline laying

In the process of creation of the pipeline profile, Project Vik2011 automatically lays the pipeline with preset lowering. Smoothed ground line is used during the pipeline laying. In the process of aboveground pipe laying, ProjectVik2011 places supports and automatically updates their height during editing the pipeline vertical geometry.

Pipeline profile arrangement

Several useful commands have been developed to create pipelines in the profile. In the process of arrangement of the pipeline, one can specify a point where the application is to place notes regarding the pipe lowering which will be updated during editing of the pipeline. In addition, there is a possibility to create a detailed plan under the basement table.

Pipeline diagram and hydraulic calculation

A water pipeline diagram can be formed with the use of the application.

ProjectVik2011 allows to carry out hydraulic calculation. The hydraulic calculation function is based on ZuluNetTools component which is produced by Company Politerm and on which the ZuluHydro application is based. The component allows to carry out:

  • Checking calculation of the water pipeline
  • Engineering design of the water pipeline
  • Drawing the piezometric chart for the pipeline profile

ZuluNetTools should be installed on the computer prior to the beginning of the use of hydraulic calculation functions. ZuluNetTools demonstration version as well as the application itself can be downloaded from the website of the producer, Politerm company.

On the basis of the hydraulic calculation results, ProjectVik2011 can form a piezometric chart.