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ProjectViK for education

About ProjectViK

Learn about the basic tools in the ProjectViK user interface to get started quickly

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Download the latest ProjectViK releases, and stay up to date on new capabilities.

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Customer support. Find answers to questions and explore support offerings.

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ProjectVik | Support

User technical support

Users of ProjectVik2011 are entitled to the professional support of Uniservice. The user Support Service offers the following services.

Regular updates and direct user servicing

Availability of up-to-date software is the most important factor of success of nearly every business. Business and its conditions are changing constantly, and the requirements of software are constantly growing accordingly. We issue updates approximately 3-4 times a year. The main source of the innovations and improvements are the users themselves. As they have opportunities to influence the course of development of the product, many users actively make suggestions and participate in discussions of new functions. The latest version of the product is always available for downloading.

High-quality service at any time in any place

When you apply for assistance to the user support service, You always receive answers or solutions to your questions and problems. But what happens behind the scenes? We register Your every address regardless of its form (E-mail) in the electronic knowledge base. The base is used as a source of new ideas for the next generations of software. As soon as you download ProjectViK from the web site and register, You will immediately get access to Your personal page of technical support where all Your answers and responses thereto will be kept.